Category Archives: Uncategorized – commercial lighting control is an early stage software startup founded by 3 people who work at VSITE – Visoka škola za informacijske tehnologije, a private IT college in Zagreb Croatia. The founders are Jurica Đurić a lecturer, Ivan Britvic Head of Programming Department, and Anja Nikitović an Assistant at VSITE.

I’m not sure how I stumbled on them, but I found an article [1] that provides a bit of information and mentions they are currently running the system in trials at VSITE.

They are developing a commercial lighting control system which senses motion and light and learns patterns in order to conserve energy. They are “vendor independent and compliant with different industry standards (KNX, DALI, Zwave, XBee, radio) Software installation is simple, it works pretty much on all platforms though is optimized for mini computers (like Raspberry Pi)”. They also have a mobile app to “monitor and trace log of working system. And yes app enables you to remotely switch and dim lights”

I am not sure how many large commercial organizations will rely on a RPi-based lighting control system as most consider the RPi a prototyping platform.

See them on the map:


1. Croatian Startup Uses Internet of Things Concept to Control Lighting Systems, Total Croatia News, Dec 23, 2016