Roambee – bzzzy tracking assets

Roambee produces a wireless device called a “bee” with built-in GPS, SIM-based cellular data for backhaul, and a number of sensors. They also provide a cloud-based platform which I couldn’t find the name of but maybe “bee hive” would be good. The bees call home reporting location and a variety of other information.

Deutsche Telekom (DT) Strategic Investments led their Series B funding investing $3.1 million and their “corporate customer arm, T-Systems, is partnering with Roambee to offer an IoT service to track goods and assets, globally. The service tracks shipments in-transit, and it’s offered via a pay-per-use business model.” [1]

Roambee has also entered into a strategic partnership with TELUS in “my” country, Canada. [2]

The “how it works” page says the device even works inside containers which is interesting as I would not think that cellular data connectivity would work from inside a container. Some of the sensors listed include: temperature, humidity, gas, light, tampering, GPS jamming, shock, pressure, motion, and even a camera.

Enterprises can also integrate additional data into their platform using APIs and the company will also assist with enterprise integration using EDI, ERP. The platform provides real-time visualization of the bees whereabouts and sensor data and can generate alerts via SMS or email.

Find them on the map:


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