McRock Capital – McRock’n Industrial IoT

This is not typically the type of company that I’ve been adding to the map but since they are behind some significant Industrial IoT startups and they are less than an hour from my house, I figured that they deserved a pin!

McRock Capital is a Venture Capital firm that invests solely in Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) companies, specifically those at the “intersection of sensors & software and large industrial markets” [1]

The investments listed on their site include:

  1. Decisive Farming – using soil analysis and GIS mapping, they help farmers efficiently seed and fertilize crops to maximize profits
  2. Serious Integrated – produces graphic/touch HMI Display and Communication Modules that enable OEMs to make their products smart, connected
  3. Mnubo – provides real-time analytics on sensor data with the ability to clean the data so it is more useful at providing insights and predictions
  4. Invixium – an Android-based biometric access control solution with intercom, time and attendance tracking, capacitive Gorilla Glass touch screen, and multi-factor authentication
  5. RtTech Software – Cipher is an Industrial IoT platform for data collection, aggregation, and analytics to increase productivity and decrease energy consumption

Out of those 5 companies, the only 1 I had listed on the map (until now) was Mnubo which I added back in Oct.

They also run IIoT Symposiums in Montreal, Canada and Paris, France with very interesting and impressive collection of organizations listed, not just the ones they back.

Find them on the map at


  1. McRock Capital Web site,

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