Netbeast – Yeti Smart Home

Netbeast is based in Valencia, Spain and was founded in 2014 by Luis F. Pinto, Jesús Darío Rivera Rubio, and Pablo Pizarro Aguilar.

I found them, and a number of other projects/products, in a great article “17 open source IoT projects to work on in 2017” [1] by Vasudhendra Badami

“Netbeast is an environment-agnostic IoT platform where you need not worry about details like wireless protocols, brand-specific public APIs, or device detection when developing IoT systems.” [1]

They have a Yeti Smartphone App on Google Play [tm] that “provides a unique smart home experience bringing all devices together, regardless of their brand and technology <snip> It allows fine control over your connected home gadgets ranging from lighting and sound systems to full automated heating and security systems.” [2]

The app works with:

  • Philips Hue
  • Netatmo
  • Lifx
  • Belkin Wemo
  • Sonos

Find them on the map:


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