Kunak – connecting industries to the cloud

Kunak is based in Noain, Navarra Spain and appears to be part of GreenWave Systems. I found them on another map that was part of a post by Francisco Maroto, the CEO of OIES Consulting [1] on LinkedIn.

Kunak provides hardware and software to connect industrial “things” and collect data on them. Here are the components to their solution:

  1. GPRS Nodes: ultra-low power nodes with 3 analog and 3 digital inputs for remote monitoring and control
  2. RF Nodes: 868/915 MHz radio nodes with 3 analog and 3 digital inputs
  3. Gateway: 868/915 MHz gateways with either GPRS or ENET connectivity
  4. Kunak Cloud: cloud platform with Web-based control, an open REST-based API, and mobile app for smartphone or tablet

See them on the map: www.iotmap.ca


  1. Mis mejores deseos para el mercado de Internet de las Cosas en España, Jan 6, 2016, https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/mis-mejores-deseos-para-el-mercado-de-internet-las-cosas-consulting

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