Google AdSense – didn’t make sense yet

I have decided to remove ads on my site and blog, at least for now. I will explain why I stopped but first I want to give a bit of context.

In general I strongly dislike advertising although I recognize it’s a necessary evil. I suppose what I dislike the most are wasteful ads like the inch thick collection of printed ads inserted into the local “newspaper” or the ads for services that I already subscribe to.

I ended up on the dark side and played with Google and Yahoo! ad systems 10 years ago when one of my hobbies was building and promoting a few local search sites for the city that I live in and a couple around it.  I embedded Google AdSense ads in the sites and over a span of a few years (yes, years) the ads only brought in about $1,400. In the process I learned a lot about how hard SEO had become and learned more about my local community. If it had been a business, well the business would’ve died.

AdSense revenue from 2006 to 2010

Since that time I had $90 USD sitting in my Google AdSense account that I could not get out as Google only pays out once you reach $100. The $90 sat there. After a 6 year gap, I thought I would try AdSense again on my IoT blog to reach $100 and get my money out.

The IoT portion of my personal blog really just got started a few months ago. Initially the goal was just to generate the $10 and then stop the ads. But once I saw a little $ coming in I couldn’t stop 🙂 see, it’s evil!

The traffic on the blog is super low and growing — about 600 visitors a day at this point — so I didn’t expect a ton of ad revenue. The ads generated just over $300 and I was going to keep the ads going but a couple of problems happened.

The first problem is that, In the past couple of weeks, the ad revenue almost completely disappeared. I spent a few hours the other evening trying to figure out why I had some $16 ad revenue days and then, more recently, days with no revenue. I tried to correlate my blog and social network postings and publications with the blog visits, ad impressions/clicks but to no avail. I could not figure it out what caused this drop.

It was funny since I had actually been putting in more time providing more detailed blog posts on each company and then promoting the posts on 4 social network sites. Basically, I was doing more work and generating less ad revenue.

Here is a chart I put together showing the history of my activity for the past few months and the corresponding page views and earnings.

Analysis of activity vs. ad revenue

Not too relevant, but interesting, here’s a breakdown of which countries the revenue came from (high to low)

revenue by country, high to low

The second problem is that I had installed the Google AdSense app on my smartphone and I was checking the ad revenue a lot. It’s so much fun waking up in the morning to see that I had made a few bucks while I was sleeping but it was really a waste of time.

The third problem with ads is that they really take people away from a site instead of keeping them on it. The ads also distract from the actual content and reduce the credibility of the content.

So, for these reasons, I’ve decided to remove the evil ads at this point and get back to the content. I’m sure the readers won’t miss them and I hope they come back now that I am moving towards the light.

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