Wia – get your IoT solution up and running quickly

Wia is a cloud platform enabling Developers to create a scalable back end service to rapidly launch Internet of Things (IoT) products.

Functionality includes analytics via a real-time dashboard, device management, event logging, debugging, and real-time push notifications.


With their simple APIs and platform developers can create solutions that capture and analyze IoT device data, diagnose events from devices in real-time, control devices via 2-way streams, and store data in Wia’s Redshift or Postgres database or in their own database.

Wia provides their APIs openly via a Github repo and support multiple languages including Java, Objective C / Swift, Javascript / Node.js, Python, HTML5 for development targeted to Apple iOS or Android platforms. Interfaces supported include REST, MQTT, Web Hooks, and Web Sockets.


See them on the map at: www.iotmap.ca


  1. LinkedIn profile, https://www.linkedin.com/company/10061126

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